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My name is Stephen Simpson. I currently work for WiredTree, a server management company specializing in web hosting based out of downtown Chicago. My job is to oversee the employees through two shifts and ensure a smooth transition with projects and issues through both. I work with clients through a web and phone based helpdesk system to ensure that their linux server is functioning perfectly.

I currently hold a Bachelor of Science in network and Communications management from Devry University. While at DeVry I studied a wide array of technologies such as Cisco, Microsoft, Linux, IP Telephony, Virtualization and plenty more. Most of my time now, however, is focused on what else I can do to further my education in my career path. I presently hold a CCNA and I am looking to acquire certifications like the RHCSA as well as high level certifications including the CCNP.

I hope this site provides as much information as possible and I would like to thank you for viewing!